Some little things, some bigger things


I’ve had my hands in some inter­esting things lately — some little things, some bigger things. I hope to share more soon, but in the mean­time, here’s one of the little things: a linen produce bag I’ve been crocheting this past week. I’m sort of in love with it.

I got the pattern, basi­cally, from The Purl Bee (I love them) and then I went off course, as I nearly always do when making things by hand. I can’t leave well enough alone. So here, I made the “holes” in the bag smaller, making the bag itself smaller, and I length­ened the handles so they can easily go over the shoulder. But then I went even further off course, and added smaller handles in the crooks of the larger handles.

Then, to be frank, I bought a bunch of fruit just so I could fill the bag and ogle it.